Perfect Foundations! Beautiful. Silky. Age Defying. – Facing Perfection

Perfect Foundations! Beautiful. Silky. Age Defying.

Perfect Natural Coverage

This beautiful natural foundation contains minerals from the earth. The main ingredient is rice powder. It also includes kaolin clay, silk, minerals and a special blend of mica and oxides for color. There are no added chemicals, waxes, or oils, which are the common culprits in breakouts, inflammation, dryness of skin, and early signs of aging. Silk powder has been added, for humidity balancing. It contains a natural sunscreen and is water-resistant. Because it's lightweight, it feels soft on the skin and leaves a perfect, shine-free, flawless finish. The foundation is applied with a Kabuki brush in a circular motion. Once you've used our product, you'll wonder how you went so long without trying Facing Perfection Mineral Foundation

Beautifully Perfect...Naturally!

Packed with love in 30 gram shaker jars